Fiqh and Tawheed Lessons

Starting Monday 3rd December 2012, every Monday there will be a Fiqh and Tawheed lesson by Sheikh Dr. Maan at Omar Mosque between Maghrib and Isha. Maghrib prayer will be around 8pm approximately and the lesson will start straight after that.

The lesson will be majorly in Arabic but there will be brothers around to help translate the lessons for the non Arabic speaker. These lessons will start by discussing Tawheed and it types and then will move into the understanding and teachings of Fiqh. There will be an open Question and Answer session after the lesson and Sheikh will be able to answer both in Arabic and English.

All brothers and sisters are invited to join the lessons. These lessons are very beneficial as the brothers and sisters attending these lessons at EOL can see the difference in their knowledge and actions now. Please invite all friends and family members to join these lessons. In sha Allah refreshments will be available after the lessons.