Important Announcements

1. Wollongong Moon Sighting Committee has been formed. The committee will announce about the start and end of Ramadan. The Committee consists on
– Sh Abdul Rahman
– Sh Jamil El-Biza
– Sh Nuri Alrzeghi
– Sh Abu Obada
– Abdulaziz Alghazi
– Dr Munir Hussain

2. Iftar roster on the inside door of the mosque (door of the main hall). Around 150 persons do Iftar at Omar mosque. Donors can register their names on the roster. Only 13 spots left, take a spot today to earn rewards.

3. Mosque used to have around 6 to 7 cooking pots, stoves and gas bottles, most of these things are missing, there is only one gas bottle, 2 stoves in the stores. Please return these items ASAP as they need to be used during Ramadan.

4. InshAllah we are going to have an Imam from Saudi Arabia to lead the Travee prayers. Hafiz Saud is arriving on 15 May 2018, InshAllah .

5. The reward of good things done in Ramadan gets multiplied, anyone who has pledged to donate for new building of Omar Mosque should try to pay in this holy month of Ramadan.May Allah SWT accepts your contributions and Bless you all with a house in Jannat ul Firdus.

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